In order to ensure competent reputation management on the Internet, a specialized service serm has long been created. Its main task is to form a positive reputation about the company, brand, sold goods and services.

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Who might need a SERM and why?

  • Only beginning to develop companies and brands. Positive information about a company or brand can significantly affect your site\'s ranking in popular search engines. And the more this information, the more likely it is that you will be chosen.
  • Promoted products and services. A brand, goods and services that have a lot of positive reviews are automatically promoted in search engine results. Therefore, many more people will know about you, and there will be more chances to sell your products or services.
  • Public persons. Negative information posted in search engines can have a detrimental effect on the career of a public person. For a famous person, a good reputation is an important factor.
  • Affected by black PR companies. Black PR is quite often resorted to by competitors who want to get rid of their opponents in such an unscrupulous way. And in order to restore the reputation, it will be necessary to start ousting the negative from the search engines.

What are the benefits of SERM?

  • Most users, before visiting the company\'s website, study the information available about it and read the reviews left by customers. The price of the issue in this case is to attract the maximum number of users.
  • It is very important to create a positive reputation, otherwise negative information can scare away potential customers, and they will simply go to competitors.
  • A bad reputation or lack of information about the company on the Internet will inevitably lead to loss of profit, which will significantly affect the profitability of the business.
  • The presence of positive reviews affects the increase in sales, helps to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and encourages visitors to buy.
  • Positive information displaces the negative, this has been proven more than once in practice. The opinion of dissatisfied customers and black PR of competitors fade into the background.
  • A positive reputation builds trust among the target audience. Good reviews and personal recommendations will only increase trust and attract even more customers.

Before ordering turnkey reputation management in Moscow, study in more detail what this service is. Our specialists will:

  • monitoring all, without exception, negative reviews;
  • creating a strategy to remove negative information and create a positive image;
  • writing articles and reviews about your business activities;
  • selection of sites, large sites and blogs that will host positive information about the company;
  • posting relevant content and promoting your site;
  • removal of negative materials;
  • developing a strategy for updating the resource and advertising it on the Internet;
  • service optimization.


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