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We will bring your social networks to a completely new level and help with the creation of content, advertising and the formation of a community for your project with a guarantee of results.

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We will increase:

Project recognition

Community members

Activity in your social networks

The number of sales and clients

Have you tried SMM before, but are not satisfied with the results?

  1. Without strong connections in the crypto industry, it is difficult to achieve high results.
  2. The Web 3 sphere is full of scammers and it is necessary to work only with trusted people.
  3. Without experience in the crypto industry and understanding of your audience, content creation may not meet the expectations of the public.
  4. The industry is developing very quickly and it is important to know the trends in order to manage the budget effectively.
  5. Without a competent SMM strategy, your social networks may be blocked and the project will receive a red flag.

ATF Digital team will make your social networks work for you and bring benefits.

  1. We will start by developing a strategy and create an individual development plan taking into account the specifics of your project.
  2. We will implement proven methods, current trends, and we will use only legitimate methods and provide a guarantee against blocking.
  3. We will prepare professional and unique content especially for you: videos, statistical graphs, individual arts, author's articles, community events and much more. A whole team with 5+ years of experience will be working on your project.
  4. We will launch effective advertising of your project after analyzing the target audience: targeting, retargeting, advertising from bloggers and influencers, posts in major media and cooperation with other projects.
  5. We specify KPI in the contract : indicators on subscribers, outreach, sales and other goals. If we don't reach them within the deadline, we work for free until we meet the KPI.


We are a full–cycle advertising agency, a team that is a fan of its business and brings real results for business due to expertise and high quality SMM promotion.

  • We are all about:

    Personal work with the client and care, not a set of outdated scripts and templates.

  • We are available 24/7:

    You always see the process and can make changes at any time.

  • Evaluation of the results:

    Complete and clear reports on the work done every month.

11 years old

experience in SMM

1.9 times

increase ROI
in SMM, on average




marketing tools developed


Promotion strategy

  • Analysis of your project, competitors and target audience.
  • Audit your social networks and community.
  • Creation of the promotion concept, selecting platforms, content formats and marketing methods.
  • Selection of specialists from our team who will work with you 24/7.
  • Write down all the KPIs and project timing - what, how and in what sequence we do.

Community management

  • We will comprehensively design pages, community information, links, buttons, design.
  • We will prepare advertising publications involving animations, informational posts.
  • We will develop an original design for the design of all publications.
  • We will provide customer service - answers to questions, processing requests, dealing with customer objections..

Community promotion

  • Develop original interactives: puzzles, riddles, mini-games, etc.
  • Conduct contests and campaigns - prepare the mechanics, description, monitor the implementation.
  • We will make scenarios and implementation for Stories field-shooting, processing, design-mock-ups.
  • We will carry out live broadcasts - on-site filming, work with experts, scripts.
  • We segment and attract the target audience.


  • We identify the different segments of the target audience and test different offers and creatives.
  • We will evaluate conversion rates and budgets and adjust rates and optimise advertising campaigns.
  • Initiate retargeting through the client base, visitors to the website, competitors.
  • We will select communities, publishers and opinion leaders for advertising.
  • We will prepare for this all posts and creatives, monitor performance and efficiency.
  • We will organize and supervise mailing to the base of subscribers - actions, questions and answers, attraction of new audience.

Analytics and reporting

  • We will maintain the analytics on all the actions and activities of the pages in the social networks.
  • We will regularly send clear reports with all the indicators and KPIs of the project.
  • We will always stay in touch - we answer your questions and provide the necessary data 24/7.
  • In addition, we can work with SERM (online reputation) - track all reviews, mentions, negative feedback, objections.


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